Basic ContributionEdit

This is how to look up the stats to fill in the wiki.


First go to the menu and open the collections button.

Then Select either Monster & Element or Warrior & Legion

In the wiki they are organized

Warriors  Order  Chaos

Monsters  Fire  Water  Earth

Select a page Number and then select a Specfic monster (the matching page number is on the far left column in the wiki.)

in the top left corner is a little green square. click it


The full stats will pop up. Now you have enough information to fill in a wiki entry on a monster or warrior. Just hit the edit button next to the title.

See Below for sample wiki entries And after checking out the sample read the section on Evolution


Page Name Race Rarity Attack Defence Hit Point Skill
9000 Warrior Name Warrior R ? ? ? Killing
Warrior Name+ Warrior R ? ? ? Killing
[Special] Warrior Name Warrior HR ? ? ?


Page Name Species Rarity Atk Def HP BP
9000 Monster Name Monster R ? ? ? 15
Monster Name+ Monster R ? ? ? 15
[Special] Monster Name Monster HR ? ? ? 15

Super ContributionEdit

If you could take a screenshot of monsters and warriors and upload the photo to the wiki that would be awesome. Just name it whatever the official name is.

Why? You may ask. Someone figured out how to link photos to wiki entries and I have learned from them. (thanks thehellsound)

check out the first entry under fire monsters or my favorite Calamity Tyrant.



  1. Capitalization matters for the picture code
  2. brackets [] like in the game do not react well with the picture code.
  3. Spaces in picture names come out as _ in the address.
  4. + sign does not work well with picture code. replace with a 2 or ++ with a 3

View the above line in source mode and change the name to whatever monster pic you just uploaded and replace the name of a wiki entry. this will take awhile but soon enough we will have all the stats and pics for every monster.

Wouldn't that be a better wiki?

The following page is for uploading multiple pictures

Special NoteEdit

To make the square brackets("[" and "]") appear without causing problems for the file links, use [ and ] respectively. That is, to show [ type [ and to show ] type ].