Calamity Tyrant
Calamity Tyrant2
Calamity Tyrant3
(Groundshatter) Calamity Tyrant

When Enhancing a monster or warrior you may Evolve it to a stronger form.

Some people ask, what does that look like?

Here on the left we have collection entries for a monster and on the right we have it without the words.

<-----if you click on the word box you can make it dissappear--------------------->

As a card is evolved it will go through stages.

The number of stages depends on the number of circles on the bottom.----------------------------->

If there are no black circles it cannot evolve.

To evolve you must sacrifice two of the same card. Same includes number of red circles.

As it evolves it will change appearance to generally become more awesome and the name will change.

Generally it will go from Monster Name to Monster Name+.

It may even go to Monster Name++.

In it's final stage most monsters become

[Special] Monster Name

You will know for certain when all the red circles are filled that it can no longer evolve. Only cards with black circles evolve.

Below is an example of a wiki entry where only the first step in evolution is known.

As you can see we can guess the name and rarity as it evolves. The species and BP does not change.

Calamity Tyrant Predator SR 1314 1314 1075 25
Calamity Tyrant+ Predator SR ? ? ? 25
Calamity Tyrant++ Predator SR ? ? ? 25
14 (?) Calamity Tyrant Predator XR ? ? ? 25

Eventually the wiki entries will be filled in to look like this

Calamity Tyrant Predator SR 1314 1314 1075 25
Calamity Tyrant+ Predator SR 1521 1521 1521 25
Calamity Tyrant++ Predator SR 1727 1727 1413 25
14 (Groundshatter) Calamity Tyrant Predator XR 1933 1933 1582 25

It works the same for warriors. But warriors don't have a BP listing they have skills.

Highseas Terror Daures Villain SR 121 125 110 Horizontal Slash
Highseas Terror Daures+ Villain SR ? ? ? Horizontal Slash
(?) Highseas Terror Daures Villain XR ? ? ? Horizontal Slash

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